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valor T he Chinese market is a dragon taking flight, however without adequate commercial orientation their idiosyncrasies, their culture, language and / or geographic distance can become an enormous barrier. Therefore, our main stimulus to partake assets of the value chain for our customers is by providing research solutions, command control and coordination of import and / or export transactions.

Our proximity to the ancient world is essential to do business, we know their culture, language and idiosyncrasy, these are our great added value and our competitive advantage to break the language and cultural barriers, we are experts in the Chinese language. We adapt your needs to the way we do business thanks to our constant interaction in both markets. We have a team of experienced interpreters with years of service in the Asian market and Latin America, translations and interpretations Chinese – English – Spanish, all certified.

Our professional assistance offer it is sustain in personalized service, according to the specific needs of each of our clients. We have developed and standardized accessible alternatives that facilitate trading solution requirements, such as:

Market research, quotations, coordination and visits to international fairs, research and negotiation, Inspection and monitoring manufacturing processes, payment; tracking shipments and shipping requirements.

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